CONDOS & Houses for sale in Chomedey, LAVAL

Chomedey is probably the most varied and lively real estate stage meeting in Laval. From first-time homebuyers to investors, Chomedey holds a gamut of properties that would suit any lifestyle or budget. From spacious single-family homes to modern townhouses, these are the top reasons Chomedey is a prime pick for residents who want convenience along with quality living.

Explore Houses for Sale in Chomedey

Search for homes in Chomedey Chomedey is more than just a place to stay. Our listings range from luxurious singles to affordable townhouses and versatile duplexes, all of which give home seekers different benefits. Each of the properties tries to harmonise traditional charm with a perfect mix of modern amenities, aiming to provide comfortable and convenient living to the people.

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Single House for Sale in Laval (Chomedey)

Experience the beauty and size of single-family homes in Chomedey. Just perfect for anyone that is a lover of their independence, private and freedom-loving person; only enough space with extra bedrooms to have your yard and do as you please with your living space. Perfect for first-time buyers or those upscaling, a single Chomedey house will provide an idyllic backdrop from which to create lasting memories.

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3 Bedroom House for Sale in Chomedey

Ideal for family and investors, in Chomedey, three-bedroom houses provide enough room for family growth and creativity. It’s functional yet styled and adapted with modern amenities, open floor plan located at an easy reach with local schools, parks, and shopping centres.

New Houses for Sale in Chomedey

Step into the future with a brand new Chomedey home. Our construction in the area epitomizes the latest in cutting-edge design and energy-efficient technologies for eco-friendly living. Home comforts with the latest developments are enjoyed by taking little maintenance and warranties that bring peace of mind while saving on those lower energy costs.

Homes that are affordable in Chomedey.

Looking for something more affordable? Chomedey homes are quite affordable, and at the same time, they offer quality living. We offer a number of affordable houses for sale that will surely be able to help you get something great without cutting a big hole in your pocket. Ideal first home or a great real estate investment.

Duplex for Sale in Laval (Chomedey)

In the heart of Chomedey is this duplex, which is a very special opportunity for homeowners and investors. Enjoy one side and rent the other, or capitalize on both by renting them out—the income is very substantial. This property must be considered a financial gem, coupled with the favourable location of good long-term tenants available in the usual course of things.

Townhouses for Sale in Chomedey

Chomedey townhouses give community living convenience but the solitude of a detached home. They usually come with several floors, parking on its own, and community facilities like swimming pools and playgrounds. Townhouses in Chomedey make a great get-up for anybody—be it family or busy professionals—since they provide the right balance between busy life and comfort.

 As a community rich in diversity and great opportunity, Chomedey presents a variety of property types and an easy buying process to ensure your dream home comes to you with little to no fuss. Fill out our form today and see a range of properties only available to those who fill out our form to kickstart your road to being a Chomedey homeowner. 


Begin by assessing your budget and contacting a real estate broker who has experience in assisting home buyers.  Secure mortgage pre-approval for financing through your bank or a  mortgage broker. Second, check out our listings and fill out the form so that our real estate pros can help you in an even more individual way.

With the prevailing possibility of financing options in Chomedey, one is open to selecting from conventional loans to FHA loans and others that may be existing at that time. We suggest that you may take the help of a mortgage broker in such matters. You can also contact us so we can refer you to a mortgage broker.

Property transfer taxes vary depending on the price of the property. Municipal tax details would be available by local tax assessment. If you work with a realtor during the buying process, he would make all this crucial information available to you. 

Always make your offer conditional to a satisfactory pre-purchase inspection for a hassle free buying experience. In Chomedey Quebec , the laws are different than other provinces. Make sure you work with a realtor so he can explain you what kind of commitment you are getting into and what your legal rights are.